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At Cartamundi USA (Dallas), we process multiple surfaces daily. Those include APET, RPET, PET, PVC, PP, HDPE, styrene, foils and foil laminates. Additionally, we developed a library of proprietary inks and coatings that can be printed or applies on our conventional and UV presses. Metal Mist, True Grit, and Touchy-Feely are exactly what their names imply.

All can be overprinted, in-line, in one pass on either of our two 41" KBA 5c + coating / 5c + coating prefecting UV presses. The KBA, with its multiple coating stations, is the ideal tool for many of these applications. Plus, our three Emiccis produces both the shallowest and deepest lids and sleeves for your rigid boxes.

We encourage you to review these capabilities in the featured Galleries listed below! Then contact our sales team to start your project!

Paperboard & Foil Laminated Folding Cartons
Unique finishes, rigid windowing and more. Up to 10 passes and 2 coatings with each pass.

Plastic Folding Cartons & More

Many sizes and stocks available. Our 41" UV presses offer limitless possibilities.

3D & Motion Lenticular Printing
Print on cartons, tags, cards, POP, tip-ons and more. Huge selection of stock lenses.

Rigid Boxes & Lamination

We can produce both the shallowest and deepest lids and sleeves.

Point of Purchase
Big, small, plastic or paper - the options are endless!

Packaging for music, digipaks, 3D lenticular and more.

From start to finish, our team has you covered.


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Paperboard and Foil Laminated Cartons
Plastic Folding Cartons
3D and Motion Lenticular Printing
Rigid Boxes and Lamination
Point of Purchase